Dog Training Basics

Dog Training

Dog Training
Though dog-human interaction goes back thousands of years, communication between the two is still sometimes rough. The human half of the pair is usually the smarter party, but watching the usual training sessions one can have legitimate reason to wonder.
Dogs understand and respond at roughly the mental level of a human two-year-old, [...]

Stop Dog Aggression

Dogs are instinctively aggressive and we all realize that dogs are capable of seriously injuring people and other animals. This does not mean that dog owners are completely helpless in their ability to stop aggressive dog behavior. An aggressive dog must be given obedience training immediately, before he injures you or someone else.
For a really [...]

How to Housebreak A New Dog

Housebreaking a dog is more than just getting the dog to relieve himself in the right place and at the right time. It includes this, but it also involves his entire behavior in the house. He must learn things like what rooms he is allowed to enter and what places he is not allowed to [...]

Frequent Diseases in Dachshunds

The title is a little misleading since no disease is truly common in Dachshunds. The overwhelming majority are born healthy and live long, mostly disease-free lives.Almost every dog can develop minor health issues even if they receive vaccinations and excellent life-long care. Even dogs that receive their vaccinations and excellent life-long care can develop some [...]

How to Know if your dog’s diet contains enough fatty acid

A dog’s diet affects every aspect of your body including the skin and coat. If your dog’s diet contains adequate amounts of fatty acids, his coat and skin should appear healthy. Fatty acids in the diet of your dog will avoid problems with dry skin and dandruff, for instance. A dull coat may indicate the [...]

A Large Dog Bed For Your Large Breed Dog

If you own of a large breed of dog, for example a German shepherd, a Doberman or even a Great Dane it is important that you provide a comfortable place for your dog to sleep. Large breeds of dogs require large dog beds in order to rest comfortably. There should be adequate room in the [...]

Training Your Bedlington Terrier

If you are unhappy with the behavior of your Bedlington terrier, the best way to deal with it is via Bedlington Terrier training. Of course, it need not be difficult to train your dog, though it is a process that requires patience and determination and so it is worthwhile understanding the steps involved in training [...]

Things to Consider Before Bringing a Dog into your Home

Your children have probably been begging “When can we get a puppy?” Owning a dog is a big responsibility and it can be a perfect venue in which to teach your children. Before you adopt a new dog, there are a number of things to be considered. You and your family will need to decide [...]

Ionic Air Purifiers - User Safety Tops All Criteria

User safety must be top priority in the selection of an ionic air purifier for use in the home, office, factory or school.
Existing ionic air purifier technology, regardless of whether they originate in North America, Europe, Japan or China produce a primary beneficial reactive agent.These reactive agents are known variously by names like negative [...]

Benefits Of Small Dogs As Pets

Having a dog as a pet|Owning a dog] brings a lot of benefits. Dogs are an unequivicable source of companionship, they can help lower your stress levels, benefit your blood pressure, they love unconditionally, lift your mood, and provide a vocal incentive to exercise more. If you want to meet more people, nothing beats a [...]