Some Ideas For Buying The Best Pet Crate Covers

Most people who get a puppy do some level of crate training. While excellent for training they are usually too ugly to put in your living spaces. Looking around the pet store you will not really see any options that will match your decorating style. They are usually either metal or plastic and almost always [...]

The Right Dog Food Will Keep Your Dearie Happy

If you want your dogs to remain happy and content then you have to feed them with the best dog food. This in turn means that you will have to consider a few things that will help you pick the best foods for your dog, especially when you are planning on buying dry dog food. [...]

Taking your Dog to the Park Safely!

I take my dogs to the park every day. It’s not one of those fancy dog parks, mind you, where the regulars congregate daily and secretly judge all the other dogs against their perfect pooch. It’s just a park, but it does provide ‘‘poop bags’’ and plenty of open space for tennis ball chasing. And [...]

Healthy Dog Food!

How many of us love our pets so much that we would spare no expense to take care of them. I would bet that most of us fall into the spare no expense category. The question, is then, why do many of us feed our pets such “crap” for food? We are constantly bombarded with [...]

Pets suffering from faltering economy

Having a pet in the house is diffrent now then it was just a few years ago.You will not see the Britney Spears of the world entering a LA pet store and paying thousands for a Yorkie. Do something like that now and suffer the ire of PETA. Even our new president is being affected [...]

The Responsibilities Of Raising A Pug

Did you know that the pug dog first came from China and was used as a companion and watchdog? The year 1885 was the first year they were registered with the American Kennel Association. The pug should be kept indoors, no matter where you live in this world. Why? Because these animals do not like [...]

Stop Puppy Biting

If a puppy bites you, there is no need for concern. This behavior is normal for puppies. Chewing, biting and nibbling help puppies through the painful teething period. As well, this teaches puppies about eating and chewing skills. Biting and chewing are viewed by puppies as play.
Although biting is natural for puppies, there are things [...]

Dog Food Secrets Review

Dog Food Secrets - Learn the facts every dog owner should know

I’ve chosen to review Dog Food Secrets because of my concern over the negative affect of commercially produced dog foods on the well-being of our dogs. Andrew Lewis makes some highly controversial claims in his top selling package, Dog Food Secrets. Dog Food Secrets [...]

The Hottest Techniques For Training A Puppy The Easy Way

training puppies

Learning to train a puppy will be much more effective if you track and test your progress along the way. I know that sounds very “fuzzy” and lacking substance - there’s a lot more to it than you think, as it will be a big help when you come to review your progress, and [...]

Dog Show - How to Judge and Get the Real Champion

Dog show is one of the most attractive show in the dog-lover countries, for instance USA and UK. From the dog show competition, the proprietor of a dog which becomes the champion of the show will not only get much bulk but also honor and prestige. Related to the condition, usually the fans of dog [...]