Teaching A Dog To Stop Whining

When your dog whines he is attempting to communicate. One of the first actions a dog learns is to whine. The hungry puppy whines to let its mother know that it is hungry. The mother dog feeds the puppy and the puppy learns that whining produces the desired result.
A puppy will continue to whine [...]

Understanding & preventing Aggression in Dogs.

Many pet owners have had this common problem for decades together ; fighting the aggression in dogs and keeping it under control.  If you understand the idea as to what causes dogs to be aggressive and how to manipulate it, then the chances of not being a victim of dog aggression is high.  It is [...]

Training Boxer Puppies

If you would like to have a very protective, affectionate and intelligent family dog, then a boxer would be a really good choice. Boxer puppy training started early allows the dogs to reach their fullest potential. If you fully socialize and train your boxer, he will fit in great with the rest of the family.

Please Help Me Find a Good Dog Food!

Your dog is an important part of your family so you’ll want to give him a diet that will keep him healthy. How do you find a good dog food for your dog and how do you tell which dog food ingredients may cause his health to suffer?
{Due to the vast number of dog foods [...]

Tips on How to Put an End to Dog Digging.

Tips on How to Put an End to Dog Digging.
When they are bored, dogs are inclined to dig.When it’s not boredom, dogs dig as a response to a primal urge.Digging can look harmless but it’s not; your dog can be seriously at risk especially if he lets himself out of your yard.Digging can be lethal [...]

Pet Zoom - Instructive Video

Pet Zoom Video

If you are thinking of buying a brush to groom and brush your dog, you must remember that, when it comes to those different types of grooming and combing, one-size-fits-all is not what you should be looking for.
Tools that are used for grooming a dog has their own individual functions and [...]

Tips for Finding a Good Puggle Breeder

Having a pet at home can be both a mental and physical exhilarating exercise. If it’s a Puggle you are interested in, it is better to understand a few things before going and purchasing one. Puggle’s may look sweet, but as a future owner of a pet, you ought to find out more about puggle [...]

Concerns that support shetland sheepdog training for your dog

If we were to get a dog breed with a zest for versatile pursuits like herding and obedience trials, we could name more than a handful. But if we were to name a breed that does those with the added “garnish” of an eager to please attitude, none of us can miss naming the sheltie. [...]

Boston Terrier Training For Your Boston Gentleman

For faster headway into your Boston Terrier Training, positive reinforcement is the start of the program to molding this animal into a the “IT” pet and family companion.
Very smart, sinewy and compact…Most people are easily impressed with the Boston. However, it can also be very sensitive to the atmosphere and mood around it. The [...]

Border collie dogs: the farmhand wunderkind

Did you know that the story of the border collie dog starts as an Industrial Revolution predicament? As demand for raw materials rose during those years, the Victorian masters had to find a way to manage the sheep that would soon populate vast acres of unfenced land in the countryside. The innovative, albeit adventurous key [...]