An Ultra Smart In Ground Fencing System

If you need a dog fencing system to keep your dog within certain boundaries that you want to establish to your convenience, then Innotek’s IUC-4100 is what you need. It includes many features, among them, a Ready Test mode that indicates that the system is ready to be used. In addition, it includes a Run-Through [...]

crochet dog sweater, Warm And Beautiful

Dog Sweaters, Warm And Beautiful
Why clothes?: Animals especially dogs wear clothing for many reasons. The main reasons of course being to beat the winter chill as well as to be the cutest, most fashionable dog in the neighborhood. Clothes are a wonder way to show of your doggies best features, personality as well as keeping [...]

Puppy Whining and How to Stop It

Are you one of those people sick of dog whining?It can be a nuisance but there are some ways to stop dog whining for good.
Stop dog whining and other dog training problems and get a free course by visiting
Many people find that one of the best techniques to take in order to stop [...]

How to Stop A Dog Barking The Easy Way

An understanding of the causes can help you stop your dog barking problems, because when you know the causes, you can formulate a strategy to combat them.
Most dogs bark. If your dog is barking in response to a stimulus, like people walking by or animals he sees, that’s a natural behavior. Your dog may [...]

Basic Labrador Training Tips

When it comes to training your dog, Labrador training classes give you the tools to achieve the ethical and moral responsibilities of ownership. These sessions also form your dog to be more of just another dog in the neighborhood, but a participating member of the community.
If you are interested in a certain dog training club, [...]

Dog Grooming Video- Do You Need It?

Unquestionably the dog grooming is a needed care for the dog. So the need for dog grooming training and visual dog grooming tips or videos about how to do for owners and professionals or anybody who wants to know more about.  Most often used as a form of didactic material, dog grooming video files are [...]

The SD-2000: The Best Basic In Ground Pet Fencing System

The SD-2000 is a basic in ground pet fencing system that is handy for those pet owners who are yearning to contain their pets within limited boundaries. The Innotek’s SD-2000 comes with a nylon strap collar, 6v alkaline battery, water resistant collar receiver/ transmitter, 150m boundary kit, probes and a 4 in 1 training DVD. [...]

PRF-3004, the Best Selling In Ground Pet Containment System

The PRF-3004 is an in ground radio fence that comes with 500 feet boundary wire and 50 training flags. Our PRF-3004 lets you train your dog in a very easy way, without so much hassle. Not only the PRF-3004 comes with a nylon collar strap, but it can be expanded if you have a large [...]

Keeping Your Dog Safe with Innotek’s IUC-5100

Our Innotek’s IUC-5100 is one of the most advanced systems there are for training and containing pets in a delimited area. It is specially useful for dog lovers and owners who live in an area that is hazardous for dogs, yet they don’t want to put their dogs on a leash all day long. The [...]

All Breed Dog Grooming

Dog grooming can be made by ourself or in saloons as dog grooming can learned and is not too difficult task. When it is about all breed dog grooming, the scene is a bit different…  All breed dog grooming is for professionals, that is a fact! A dog owner will usually learn how to groom his/her [...]