Dog Grooming - At Home

Many pet owners prefer dog grooming home solutions to professional grooming; in times of financial crisis any saving is welcome. There are pros and cons to dog home grooming, since the grooming activity is time consuming. Some dogs are easier to groom than others, and statistics indicate that most dog grooming home solutions are put [...]

Best Dog Grooming

Pet physical maintenance goes hand in hand with good health and well being. When well taken care of, animals do feel great. The best dog grooming is usually defined by factors like budget, dog size, dog personality and breed. Moreover, nail cutting, hair combing and ear cleaning have to become part of the grooming routine [...]

All Breed Dog Grooming

Only professional groomers can perform all breed dog grooming. A dog owner will usually learn how to groom his/her pet according to the breed specificity, but an expert needs training to handle all kinds of dogs of different breeds and sizes. Classes and courses are necessary to get qualification for all breed dog grooming. Over [...]

Formulas And Processes to Crate Train Your Puppy

Crate training is one of the most effective ways to train your dog.  Some people think this is cruel to pets because it is like keeping them in a cage, or it is a result of an owner neglecting the pet. 
If used properly, though, crates provide a sense of security and safety for your [...]

We call him…Tim the wonder dog!

A previous girlfriend had found him wandering around a local pound. The people dropping him off didn’t have the fee required to leave a pet with the humane society, and my friend drove up just in time to rescue the dog. His name was Balto and he was a skinny, un-groomed, flea ridden Maltese. She [...]

Puppy Love: Dog Training Tricks

Got a new puppy? Excited to teach it how to sit, stay, fetch? Need a couple of dog training tricks to get your puppy to behave?
I remember the excitement I felt the first time I went to a pet store to purchase my very own dog. There were a dozen other pups yipping and yelping [...]

Correct dog behavior problem

Would you like to cure your dog behavior problem? It’s very simple depending on the problem. With the right dog training guide you can fix any dog behavior problem.  Let’s look at the top dog behavior problems dog owners face and then let’s look at how easy it is to correct dog behavior problem:
1.A Chewing [...]

Help With Destructive Dog Behavior

When you first adopt our dog, we never suspect that they will have destructive dog behavior.  Destructive dog behavior can manifest itself  in many forms.  It can come in the form of dog barking nuisance.  Or, it can manifest in the form of dog urination problems.  Dog biting problems and in general, dog obedience problems are very common.
How [...]

Considering a dog? Consider a mutt

All too often, wanna be dog owners searching for an ideal dog breed tend to overlook the most obvious choice - the mutt. With all the hype centered around various dog breeds and their possible genetic issues, many people do not even bother visiting their local animal shelter to check out the exceptional mixed breeds [...]

Electronic Dog Collar - the Best Method for Dog Training

An electronic dog collar is a device you fit around your dog’s neck when proactively training your pet during its training session to control bad dog behavior. 
How Does it Work? 
An electronic dog collar works by sending a small shock to your pet after your dog has exhibited bad dog behavior.  The amount of shock, or voltage is [...]