The Basics of Leash Training a Dog

You should always maintain a close vigil over your furry friend when enjoying the outdoors or public areas. The easiest way to do this is through dog leash training. While some people may view it as confining, leash training a dog can actually promote many positive behaviors.  Keeping your dog on leash will keep him [...]

Beyond Canine Basics: Advanced Dog Training Methods

Maybe your new furry friend has been home for a while. You have worked through the dog training basics with ease and he or she is a pro. You utter the word sit and your pup’s hindquarters hit the floor. You speak his or her name and she is at your side. Great! Now what? [...]

Training Your Puppy: Keep Your House Clean and Your Furry Friend Happy

Initially, a new puppy means excitement and fun for everyone. They are rolly polly balls of pure, fluffy cute! A puppy is a new best friend who will be by your side for its entire life. If you allow it, your dog will become a part of your life and you will share many fond [...]

The Basics of Dog Training: Taking the First Steps in Obedience

No matter how you approach the lessons you teach your canine companion, the basics of dog training are still important. Dogs are very in-tune to vocals and body language. They pick up on these key indicators quickly. The very first thing every dog will learn is its name. This may sound simple, but the name [...]

Cleaner Pet Care: Dog Paper Training

One of the most important training decisions a new pet owner will make is how to go about housebreaking their four-legged family member. Toilet training a dog can be a tedious and frustrating task.  In general, dogs are willing learners and want to please you. However, getting the correct message across can be difficult. You [...]

Prevent Accidents before they Happen: Curing Dog Urination Problems

A new puppy can be very harmful to your home. Frequent urination causes odors and damage to flooring and woodwork as well as furniture.  While a few accidents are to be expected, start early to end this bad habit. Remember to be patient as your pup learns. While this unwanted behavior may push your sanity, [...]

Children and Hunting Dogs

Many people believe that hunting dogs should never be contained indoors or allowed to be around children.  They think that because the dog has “tasted blood” on the hunt, it cannot be trusted not to hurt children.  This line of thinking is simply not true.  Hunting dogs make wonderful family pets because of their natural [...]

Helping Your Hunting Dog Deal with the Heat

After a long winter’s rest and the sedentary comfort of the indoor life, you, your family, and especially your dog will be feeling the fever – spring fever, that is!  It’s time to go outdoors and enjoy the sun again.  Take advantage of the unpredictable weather and the on-again, off-again activity level of the springtime [...]

Tips on Selecting a Good Dog Food

In addition to dog food selection, Taylor Martinerin writes about selecting an extra large dog bed or a waterproof dog bed.
There are a lot of things you need to do to get ready for a new dog to enter your life. One thing that many people overlook is selecting an appropriate dog food with [...]

Learning the Basics on Dog Aggression Training

Dogs’ aggressive behavior is common. But there is proper canine aggression training you can apply to your dog to prevent it from forming this behavior. Before anything else, you have to know what made your dog behave that way.
Though the development of aggression is common for dogs, eliminating this behavior is possible through training. Teach [...]