GA Dog Laws: Exploring The Dangerous Dog Control Law

Because each state has different dog laws on its books, it is important that you become knowledgeable about your state’s dog laws if you own a dog. In this particular case, let’s examine the GA dog laws, meaning the dog laws that pertain to the state of Georgia.
In Georgia there is a rather stringent law [...]

DT Systems H2O Remote Dog Trainer – Very Good Dog Trainer

The all new H2O 1832 series is a brilliant new collar system that can be used in a wide variety of applications. This fully waterproof unit covers both basic and quite advanced training needs for both professionals and novice users alike. Whether you are knee-deep in cold icy waters or knee-deep in tall grass on [...]

Garmin Astro 220 Dog Tracker – A Brilliant Dog Tracker

Unpacking the box you get the impression that Garmin intended for this system to be well used. The case which contains all the parts looks like it could be chewed on by the dogs or dropped out of the back of the truck and everything would still work. Included are the Astro 220 and the [...]

The Miracles Of On-line Dog Coaching Especially For You

If you are at the moment trying to find the very best dog training courses, there is one place that you might want to go to. Gasoline, rental fees, or more waiting aren’t needed for this. In coaching your canine, you solely need seven courses. True enough, my pet dog and I experienced miracles because [...]

Poodle Barking Problem

For some reason, poodle owners tend to not understand this. If I was to tell you that you can only talk when absolutely needed, imagine how that would make you feel. Imagine your parent doing that to you when you were a kid. Something like that is certain to bring about a negative reaction.
Your barking [...]

Common Dog Behavior Issues

Maybe your Dog’s behavior has gotten a bit out of hand? Is it your wish to control this behavior and have a well mannered, loyal dog? Does your dog have several aggression issues that has just about brought you to your wits end?
If your answer is Yes to any of these questions you are among [...]

Dog Door - How Easy-To-Install Flap Doors Can Ease Your Worries

Cathy loves her dog, Mark, a Labrador. But she has to keep standing up, or interrupting her work, when she has to let Mark out of the house, and later, back inside. To get his way, Mark has this annoying habit of following wherever Cathy goes inside the house. Certainly, this is not as annoying [...]

Shitzu Dog Information

When it comes to desirous to fall in love with one of the smallest and cutest canine out there, there must be no downside in relation to the Shitzu dog. The appearance of this breed is enough to make any coronary heart melt. Being only about nine inches in height when full grown, this canine [...]

Golden Retriever Training Tips How To Eliminate Pulling On Leash

Different dog owners have different purposes for providing golden retriever training. While many golden retrievers are considered to become household pets, several are also geared up to become guide dog to those with vision impairment and hearing dog for deaf people. Some of them are also taught to hunt, detect illegal drugs and to participate [...]

Labrador Retriever Training Advice For Newbies

Labrador retriever training is an important responsibility owners shouldn’t ignore. Through it, the pet is taught several lessons to enable him to behave in ways not just considered desirable by people but also to guarantee the safety of everyone around. Due to their even-temperament and ability to learn, training a labrador retriever may not be [...]