What You Need To Know About Seizures In Dogs

Seizures in dogs occur somewhat frequently to the horror of their owners. While it can be quite shocking and nobody wants to go through it, seizures are very rarely fatal and preventative measures can be taken to ensure the health of your dog. Every pet owner should be well read on possible health problems so [...]

Finding The Best Dog Allergies Treatment

Dogs are very similar to babies in the way that when something is wrong, they can just make a noise to let you know. It is up to you to find out what the problem is and how to help it cope. There are times when this problem is due to an allergic reaction and [...]

Loving A Dog Naturally

To several ones, they treat their dogs like their children, the first that they search for as they arrive home and the initial thing that begins their day. Passion for dogs can be considered natural. But for non animal lovers, taking care of a dog with passion can be difficult but is possible. But how [...]

Learn Even More On Dog Skin Problems

Dog skin problems are very prevalent among the canines, and can affect young and old dogs alike, regardless of what breed or how healthy the dog is beforehand. There are a variety of illnesses that cause these symptoms, and all of them are very irritating and painful for the dog experiencing it.
It’s important to [...]

Do You Know How To Discipline Your Dog

For thousands of years, man have used dogs in many ways. Majority of dog owners keep the dog as pets because these are very loyal and affectionate animals. The behavior and the appearance of the dog is an indication of the care the pet receives from the owner. This would be due to the fact [...]

Will A Maremma Sheepdog Make A Good Pet

Animals grazing on rich pasture adds to the beauty of the Italian Alps. Livestock industry on the Italian Alps is structured by the season as the flock would have to be moved to higher pasture land from June till October and moved back again to graze on the Maremma plains until they have to be [...]

Beagles Make Awesome Hunting Dogs

The Beagle is usually a dog for bird hunting that employs scent to track video game. It is actually a member from the hound group and also to getting bird dogs utilized to track online game this kind of as rabbit and other tiny game, they’re also made use of for his or her eager [...]

The Four Types of Dog Aggression.

There is one typical fear of all dog owners “the worry that their dog will become aggressive and intimidate or bite someone. There are 4 main types of dog aggression and before you can manage your dogs aggressive issues you need to work out what sort of aggression your dog is exhibiting.
Dominance Aggression.
Dominance [...]

Crate Training Your Golden

A lot of people normally have the wrong conception when it comes to crates.  This conception leads people to believe that crates are a punishment for dogs, and therefore they won’t use them.  Much to the contrary, crates are actually one of the safest places you can put your Golden Retriever, which also gratifies his [...]

Characteristics Of The Golden Retriever

Almost all breeds of dogs are group oriented, as they need to interact with other species of their group to remain secure.  Golden Retrievers, in particular, have been bred over the years to be geared more towards people.  They make great guide dogs for the blind, friends for younger children, and even assistants for those [...]