Dogs And Car Safety

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A bunch of tests done on seat belts for dogs have shown less than promising ends in exact collisions. Many have come loose on impact and otherwise failed to hold the dog in place during an accident. It’s important to note that most seat belts are not designed to supply the same type of protection for a dog in an accident as a human’s seat belt is. The restraints are engineered to protect you and your dog by keeping your dog from roaming loose in the automobile.

A dog that will hop into your lap, wind around your feet, bump the gear shift or step on the gas or brake pedal could cause a serious accident. It is also hard to steer a vehicle when you are attempting to corral a curious dog. The restraint keeps your dog in one place so you don’t get distracted. There is a way of finding a restraint that is more likely to protect your dog in an accident, although this isn't guaranteed.

At the EzyDog store, you can choose between a couple of types of seat belt restraints. One is intended to hook onto your dog’s harness. It is a loop that your car’s seatbelt goes through, so your pet is to all intents and purposes strapped to the standard seatbelt, which is designed for collision safety. The other option clicks into the seatbelt receiver to hold the dog in place with a strap hooked to a harness or collar.

Before choosing to leave your dog loose, consider what might occur if there’s an accident. The air bag can prove lethal. Dogs can be tossed out of the auto through the glass as effortlessly as people who aren’t seat-belted. And your loose dog could bolt, frightened, and be lost if he is not restrained.

Avoid all these possibilties by utilizing a dog seat belt each time your dog is in your car.

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